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Let’s assume you got really lucky and won the mega-lottery of the ages.  First prize entitles you to play god for an hour, despite the fact that you might not believe in one.  The question is, how many truly great things could you do?

What if you did the natural thing and focussed on making your own life better? In the overall scheme of everything, that wouldn’t make a whole lot of difference at all. You’d probably blow your big chance but then, it was yours to blow. N-Joy.

To make a real difference you’d have to take the long-term ‘God’ overview. You’d probably know that humanity is likely about ninety percent of the way to extinction regardless of what you might change. My evidence for that claim is the fact that at least 7 other totally separate Hominid species have gone extinct in the last half a million years or so. So, why should we assume that Homo Sapiens can do any better, just because it is literally the last man standing?

When the last of us is dead, the fact that anyone ever existed becomes totally academic. Did you know that Neanderthals had names and that they prayed? To get a better idea of how ‘God’ might see things, I invite you to (virtually) join me on my favourite beach above. As my then ten year old daughter once said, you’ll need to start seeing things with your ‘Thinking Eye’ to see what’s really there. 

That sedate looking stretch of water is the Atlantic Ocean and that means some really powerful winter storms. In some years, the old rock layers behind me are exposed, just as they are now. The following year you could find them covered with an extra one and a half meters (yards) of sand.

This year, there is still enough sand for big and small children to dig into, but it’s mostly spread over the section of beach that I’m facing. However, that doesn’t mean that all the sand was simply moved up the beach. The ‘sandy’ end has also lost much of its cover this year, and sticking out of it are patches of a long lost bog that the sea likes to play peekaboo with.

Beneath the sand there is also a section of petrified interglacial forest. A very shallow dig (hands only) will expose oak branches that are many thousands of years old. They grew in forests that never experienced people. That is, until I dried out a section and varnished it to capture that moment lost to time. 

The fact is, God or Destiny doesn’t seem to have decided what my beach will ultimately be. Buried beneath it is evidence that it started out as a primeval tropical swamp. But that was long before it was covered by a glacier, which melted due to climate change so a forest could live long enough to create a bog. All that melted ice made the oceans rise, so it will only be a beach temporarily.  Tomorrow, it could be totally submerged to make a reef, for a while. I have to wonder if any of us will still be around to see that.

The point I’m making is that creation is still a work in progress and creation uses evolution amongst other things, as its agent. Evolution is constantly at work, regardless of whether we notice the changes it’s still making.

You could be surprised by how many people think that they are also ‘the’ finished product, simply because they can’t see themselves change. Everyone is changing but as always, some people change faster than others. These chosen few are the vanguard of future change and they are sometimes a bit different from the rest of us. We might call them flawed but then, so were the first people with blue eyes or red hair and before them, our first singers and dancers.

Every one of us has at least one superb story that would make a truly remarkable book or an epic film but not everyone gets around to putting their ideas into words. That takes more time than most people can create because the idea is only a small part of the process. They’ll need to come up with some viable and believable characters and where will they get these?

This neoliberal age is built on trends and mass movements and it produces more temporary clones and drones than people who can genuinely inspire us.  Sure, there are some stand out people, but they are few and far between and they tend to survive only as long as mushrooms. So, committing that book to virtual words will most likely mean creating protagonists from the ‘lesser’ people that we already know. The most credible characters will be based on real people, simply because they already exist. So, no imaginary heroes please.

Personally, I like to put the spotlight on our human failings but also on human aspirations. That means writing about real people afflicted with real problems and weaknesses. These are people that we often pass unnoticed in our streets. You and I are real people but we must both accept that we were never the masters of our own destinies. However, the only significant difference between us and our newly created heroes and heroines is that their destiny is to change all destinies. That’s because everyone else just happens to live in the same imperfect world that they do. Mere witnesses will be swept along in the tide.

But creating credible heroes and heroines using the templates of real and flawed people should help us realise that we too can make significant changes to our world if we really want to. Logically, that would make Destiny’s Agents out of us - Right? And if we can be Destiny’s Agents, then it follows that we can one day evolve to be Destiny Itself. That’s assuming of course, that evolution continues to iron out more of our creases for us as we go.

I like to write about vast changes but also about the flawed people who bring them about. I also write about minor changes that profoundly affect only us, while the world ticks over, oblivious to our fundamental revelations.

That is hopefully some food for thought that you will take with you - as you continue through this ‘Welcome Portal’ to the other pages of my site, or to my Blog or Facebook Page. I hope that you will enjoy your visit and that you can feel free to share your thoughts and/or comment if you are so inclined, but if you’re busy, then no worries.  Another time perhaps.

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Thanks Gina. Maybe in some dim and distant future, when evolution has almost run its course, most women might be something like you. Then again ... maybe not, there has to be some limits, right?

By the way, this is the little room at the back of our house where  assumptions are dissected and where new worlds must occasionally be created to accommodate the results.

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Someone once told me that there’s there’s no such thing as poor weather, only our often poor choice of what we wear in it.

Better safe than sorry.


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