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<<< This New Book’ (Not the real name) and Fanorebelow, are already published and widely distributed. I normally publish to Amazon and Smashwords first. From there, they can take a few days to get out to Apple, Kindle, Kobo, Apple, Nook Books and Sony etc.

My New Book (Above) is complete but it’s going through final proof reading tests and then it’s all yours. I will be sure to let you know ... looking like mid to end June 2019 at the moment.

The reason I’m only showing only the graphics is a measure of how special I believe it is, and there is a chance that it may need to stay unpublished for a little longer to satisfy some Literary Competition rules.  I have such high hopes for this book and I know you’ll agree when you do get your copy. More details in a few days ...

The reason whyFanoreis not for sale is because it’s a free download, but only from this site and from my Blog. This is my way of saying thanks for dropping by. Meanwhile, I’ll take a small liberty and work back from my most recent work.

These 4 Novellas are already widely available.

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The Catalysis Trilogy is a vast read. Each book is bigger than it should be for an e-Book but then, so is the story but I think that’s good news for readers. The story starts next Tuesday and it ends  ... well ... you decide.

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Thanks Gina. Maybe in some dim and distant future, when evolution has almost run its course, most women might be something like you. Then again ... maybe not, there has to be some limits, right?

By the way, this is the little room at the back of our house where  assumptions are dissected and where new worlds must occasionally be created to accommodate the results.

This me in  ‘Create Mode’ and no, I don’t always have a sushi break. I just have the perfect BFF. I’m also ‘clickable, if you want to see some insights into how I see things.

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