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Hello and thanks for dropping by. This is me wearing my welcome face and you’re right. It was a happy day, which means at least one of my favourite people was holding the camera or more likely, the phone. Those small question marks (?) over each spine on the bookshelf above will take you directly to the specific page for each book. You can get all the important details there but if you have time, you can also let me tell you something about myself and what I do before you disappear into the digital ether again.

If you like alternative perspectives that are also just that little bit more expansive ... you are already home.


OK, so let’s just say you won the mega-lottery of the ages and your prize is that you get to play god, even if it’s just for an hour and despite the fact that you might not believe in one. Imagine all the things you’d want to change instantly, but the sad fact is that you probably wouldn’t make the slightest difference to anything except perhaps yourself. In the overall scheme of everything, that’s no difference at all. You’d probably blow it but then it’s yours to blow. N-Joy.

To make a real difference you’d have to think like a god and look at the long term plan. Don’t get me wrong. You might make a better god than me, but humanity is probably ninety percent of the way to extinction regardless of what you might change. That means that when the last person dies, the fact that you, your ancestors, or your children ever lived becomes totally irrelevant. There have been at least 7 other separate Hominid species that have gone extinct in the last half a million years, so what makes any of us think that Humanity can do any better just because it is or was literally the last man standing.

The first thing that any self respecting god would do is create the biggest box in the universe, just so it could think outside of it. To start thinking big, you’ll need to join me on my favourite beach above. As my then ten year old daughter once said, you’ll need to start seeing things with your thinking eye to get a glimpse of what’s really there. 

That sedate looking sea is the Atlantic Ocean and that means some really powerful winter storms. In some years, the deeper layers of rock behind me become exposed, just like they are now. Other years, you and I could jog the entire length of beach, because it will be covered with an extra one and a half meters (yards) of sand that usually covers most of that rock.

This year, most of the sand for big and small children to dig into, is confined to the section of beach that I’m facing. Those exposed rocks have made it impossible to jog the whole length of beach unless you’re an Olympic hurdler who can also long jump and even then ... well, good luck with that.

But the sandy end has also had a lot of its cover removed this year, and sticking out of it are patches of a long lost bog that the sea alternately claims and then gifts back to tease us about permanence. Beyond that is a section of petrified ice age forest that’s buried under darker sand. If you dig carefully, you can recover some oak branches that are many thousands of years old. They come from forests that never experienced people. That is, until I dried out a small branch or two and varnished them for use as decorative reminders.

The fact is, God or Destiny doesn’t appear to have decided what form my beach will ultimately take. It could be that He/She/It might keep all that missing sand wherever it now lies. That means someone up or down this coast is enjoying a nice new beach while I get more rock to look at. I might have to find that new beach and stake a claim to it for myself and for my favourite people.

This beach was once a primeval tropical swamp, but that was long before it was covered by a glacier, which melted due to climate change to make room for a forest that lived long enough to create a bog. All that melted ice made the sea rise, so it’s only a beach temporarily.  Tomorrow, it will probably become a reef, for a while. You have to wonder if any people will be around to see it then.

What all this means is that creation is still a work in progress and if creation is still ongoing, then so is its agent, evolution. Anyone who thinks evolution is finished, just because they can’t see the changes it’s still making, is deluded.

Most people are like my favourite beach in that they think they are a finished product because they can’t feel the changes that are still overtaking them. But we are all changing and amongst us are people who are changing faster than most of us realise. We call them flawed because they are different but so were the first people with blue eyes and also those who sang songs and danced.

I believe that everyone of us has at least one superb story that would make a truly remarkable book. But even if we had the inclination to write, time is a problem. Then there’s the characters we need to populate these unwritten stories and these are not so easy to come by. 21st century life doesn’t seem to throw up a great variety of real life heroes to use as templates, so our protagonists will most probably need to be imagined. ‘They’ say the best characters are based on real people which helps to eliminate unnecessary problems that occur when creating them from nothing, and here I agree.

I like human problems however, and real people like you and I that we pass unnoticed in the street have a lot of problems. None of us were born masters of our own destinies, but the difference between us and those potential heroes and heroines is that their destiny is to change destiny. My flawed characters are those who therefore alter the destinies of everyone else, who just happen to be born into the same world they were.

People like us and my/our characters change things all the time. Logically, that would make Destiny’s Agents out of each of us - Right? And if we can be Destiny’s agents, then it follows that we can one day evolve to be Destiny Itself. That’s assuming that evolution is still plugging away on our behalf and that we haven’t already reached that milestone.  I write about vast changes but also about the flawed people who play a part in bringing them.

That is hopefully some food for thought to take with you - as you continue through this ‘Welcome Portal’ to the other pages on my site, or to my Blog or Facebook Page. Enjoy your visit and if you feel inclined, you could share your thoughts but if you’re busy, then no worries.  Maybe another time.

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Speaking of food. Who in the world, (assuming you are not Japanese) gets a mid-morning sushi break from work?

Thanks Gina. Maybe in some dim and distant future, when evolution has finished, most women might be something like my Gina. Then again ... maybe not, there has to be some limits, right?

By the way, this is the little room at the back of our house where unquestioned assumptions are dissected and where new worlds are created to accommodate the results.

It does also look like something from a very laid-back community  radio station. 

Have a truly epic day.

I put this little weather widget here where I can always find it for use before I venture out.

Someone once told me that there’s there’s no such thing as poor weather, only the poor choice of clothes we wear in it.

Better safe than sorry.


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