Fanore is a very real place but this is not a guide book for tourists. It is the first Novella of what I hope to develop into my 'Thin Places' Series. 

Not many people can be expected to know what a 'Thin Place' is, so let me tell you what little I know. First and foremost, there is no accepted definition of what they are, but we do know something of what they do.

Thin Places exist primarily in wilderness areas and through them, we can paradoxically gauge our significance to this reality by the extent of our insignificance or helplessness inside it. If we yield and become one with them, we can expect temporary insights into moments beyond the present that may form parts of tomorrow. That version of tomorrow will be filled with possibilities additional to what we can normally anticipate. Some people report insights and even experiences of moments long past, so we also know that time seems to be in flux inside them.

Our sixth sense is never constant but it waxes and wanes according to some metaphysical almanac that we don’t fully understand. ‘Thin Places’ are probably where the metaphysical world most strongly interacts with the physicality that we are conditioned to identify more closely with. Ancient philosophers have for thousands of years told us of the duality in, or the Yin and Yang aspect to everything. So physicality must also have its opposite metaphysical reality. All of reality, another word for our extended reality, must therefore be made of both states and 'Thin Places' are where each state possibly interacts with the other in ways we would normally not see.

The suggestion is that the membrane which surrounds our physical reality from the rest of it, is stretched thin in these places and hence the name. I personally believe that our dual reality is what is contained inside against the vastness of infinity outside. I say that, because logically, infinity can be the only source of all possibilities. Thin places therefore, would be where these possibilities come but also go when they haven’t been realised.

This novella takes a look at what might be going on to make this particular 'Thin Places' so apparently thin. The Wild Atlantic Way along Ireland's West Coast seems to have quite a few of these 'Portals' and that is why I chose to start in Fanore, which is right in the middle. Each story will be as unique as the place it is set. Instead of chapters, each book has Acts, which are presented like a small play. The purpose of this is to get the reader involved in the scenes as quickly and as thoroughly as possible. The reader should succumb to suggestion just as the observer succumbs to the power of the 'Thin Place' ambience.

The events of Fanore take place within a small area of North County Clare, but time seems to be what makes this particular location so thin, so you may have to establish that aspect for yourself. Fanore is part of the Burren area of County Clare and whereas I do appreciate that not all thin places are Irish, I can only write about what i know.

I hope you enjoy it enough to revisit my Blog/Site/Facebook Page to follow my progress and hopefully to look at my other, much bigger books that will take you so much further away from your daily cares.

Please oblige with feedback and I will be guided by your comments as I decide which turn to take on my own particular road. More Mega Books on Science Fiction/Fantasy / Normal sized books on Spirituality / or this quirky and quick brand of Fiction.

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