The Catalysis Trilogy

The Catalysis Trilogyis not just huge, it’s absolutely vast. I will go so far as to say that it’s most likely the biggest fiction E-Book out there, but big is only good if it’s full of quality and I assure you it is. That’s why you get 9 Chapters to preview.

I know with some E-Books, even the small ones, there is a temptation to use verbiage to get the word count up but here, I had to do the opposite. I say that because there are those who say that large E-Books are unattractive and that might be true, but I never set out to write an E-Book. I set out to write a book that is an E-Book for now. It was always meant to be a quality read that was also a huge story that wouldn’t be contained in a smaller folder.

When I started writing Catalysis, I fully intended to give readers the kind of experience that I personally could only get only from reading a number of really good books, but I was also naive. The book evolved and the only way it could be properly contained was to write it as a Trilogy.

That’s why each book is presented as an individual work and offered for sale as such. I am now reducing the price of each book of the trilogy to make it more affordable for those who have already bought one or more books and now want the full trilogy.

When Catalysis begins you were still living in last week, maybe Tuesday or Wednesday. So it has already begun in our familiar world and very much in fact. It’s not like Star Wars or Star Trek where we have to warp into a ready made future, or into a galaxy so far away that the illogical becomes acceptable. It starts here and now, but like those two very famous stories, it just gets bigger and bigger.

From what I’ve told you on my ‘Welcome page’ and also in ‘Thin Worlds’, you already know that all futures are determined either by Destiny or by Special People who rise to the occasion.

The fact that my main protagonist is a mentally unstable girl only proves that ‘apparently’ flawed characters do not necessarily lack ambition.

Grace Reid will claim that she was born to change things, but as the Global Economy collapses under the weight of the unequal burdens it has imposed on all of us, a virulent pathogen begins to simultaneously spread from the east and change is already rampant.

It’s definitely not a good time for an Extraterrestrial Contact and certainly not on the scale of this one.

Catalysis is much more than just a full length book. It’s humanity on the very edge of disaster and greatness.

OCHRE Is Book 2 of The Catalysis Trilogy and I had the daunting task of creating an astrophysical, anthropological and politically viable technology but in an alien reality. I then needed a real place to put it that would conform with the story’s time restrictions. (You’ll only understand that towards the end of Ochre)

Anyway, that’s why I put in the Draco Constellation. It is set more than 50,000 years in the past but of course, that’s with reference to our past which they don’t know anything about ... yet.

Ochre is a mind blowing look at an alien, yet almos familiar culture on the very edge of developing a viable star ship, which they desperately need before what’s left of their worlds end. 

Imago Is The Catalysis Trilogy Finale and it takes us back to our once familiar but now considerable altered home a few years after Catalysis (Book 1). This is the third of the three full length books that are crammed with new ideas.

Take the Spoke for example. The mysterious possibly extra galactic race that visited Earth and Ochre are revealed for what they are, ingenious and autonomously sentient but digital artificial intelligences. As we understand them, all intelligences must have had a biological past and I offer tantalising insights into this critical aspect.

Just as you wonder how evolution could have logically come up with such a peculiarity, Destiny reminds us yet again that evolution is not confined to humanity and that even the humble Imago is a work of art that is equally worth consideration.

For more detail, just click on the Book of your choice, or use the navigation bar at the top of each page to visit each page in turn.  

One thing you do not get with any of my books is a quick-fire E-Book of just a few chapters that has probably taken only a month or two to produce. Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not knocking those kinds of books as long as there’s a market for them and I might even follow up my Trilogy with smaller books set in the aftermath of Catalysis, Ochre and Imago just to feel out that market also.  But these books are the real deal.

Incidentally, for those who opt for The Complete Trilogy and who want the individual cover art of each book, I’ll make the covers available for download from this site and/or from my Blog. If I included the original artwork in the Trilogy Version, the size of the complete publication will pose some problems in the case of retailers who charge for file sizes.

As you examine the additional detail of each book, look out for a further link that will automatically download a 3 chapter Mini E-book Preview of each published work.  I wouldn’t eat from a restaurant that hasn’t been personally recommended to me or better still, where I haven’t first been offered a taste of the cooking.

Catalysis OCHRE and Imago, Books 1 & 2 &3 of The Catalysis Trilogy are available from Amazon, Barnes&Noble, KOBO, Apple, SmashWords etc. from October 2016 and can be read on any device. Please do check around to ensure the best price. I can’t give specific links here because prices will vary according to region and i don’t know where you live. You can email however.

Book of Plebs is also available from the same reputable outlets.

The Catalysis Trilogy (Complete) is also now available from October 2016.

I do hope you enjoy these offerings - Denis

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The Catalysis Trilogy (Complete)

In this slot on my other book pages, I anchored a link to a 3 Chapter Mini E-Book or Me-Book preview of that particular book. If you download the 3 Chapters from each book of the Trilogy, you already have 9 chapters. That’s 3 from each book of Catalysis, Ochre and Imago but there’s also a download - preview option using either of the widgets at the bottom of this page.

I hope you can enjoy them enough to warrant the purchase of the complete published work from Amazon,  Apple I-Tunes, Kobo Books, Barnes and Noble, and many other retailers from October 2016, when it goes on-line. 

I have to confess that when I finished my first full length work, Book of Plebs, I was naive enough to buckle under the virtual pressure of supplying an abundance of verbiage to describe how wonderful it was, and of course it is.

I forgive you for thinking that this point has little relevance, but let me invite you to think again. Put yourself in my place by imagining you have to justify a year of your best work to a complete stranger whose job is to judge your possible worth based on the clarity and accuracy of your description, or indeed, the lack of it, without reading a word of the book itself.

Then someone gives that stranger a veto over whether you will ever work again and I’m fairly sure you’ll also go for the safer option of verbiage and then fret over the kind of picture those words have just put out there, where they can be read by all strangers.

To complicate matters, Amazon, Apple I-Tunes, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, SmashWords and most E-Book retailers don’t help by almost daring me not to use my full allocation of ‘X’ hundred words or whatever to describe each subsequent book.

To sum up, I found that the hardest part of presenting a book to total strangers is probably coming up with precise and accurate, long and short descriptions with some apt and very smart marketing captions that must all relate to the same book.

Describing a book in 10, then 50, then 500 words is tantamount to giving me license to describe 3 different books and throw in a short story. Try it sometime. Anyway, the descriptions I give here will tell you more about my work and hopefully you can be guided by these rather than the retailer on-line descriptions that I plan to imminently replace. It’s all about creating the time in which to do it.

The Catalysis Trilogy - Catalysis, Ochre and Imago - Complete, just has to be the biggest fiction E-Book on sale anywhere.

It is three complete full length books in one digital cover and I am offering it at a reduced price that I would normally apply to one full length book.

I’ll do this for as long as I can, but if you like the 9 Chapter previews, please buy it now to avoid disappointment.  

Published October 2016     ISBN - 978-0-9926814-4-9