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Catalysis is a change in progress but unlike regular change, something is usually added to the mix to make it virtually impossible to stop. It’s more profound than just alteration by inducing a complete transformation in something that appeared stable before the catalyst was introduced.

However, in our reality, stability doesn't exist because entropy demands that everything must decay over time. As I wrote on other pages, evolution hasn’t stopped so ‘Catalysis’ will be our constant companion, even if time is the only catalyst and even if it works at a more leisurely pace than our very unstable lives.

People are arguably the most volatile catalysts of all because most want a different tomorrow than the rest. Most of us have some serious and genuine issues with the Status Quo of powerful and privileged protectorates making obscene profits from laundering virtual money, and then making us pay cash for the privilege of its mandatory use.

Our governments coerce us into accepting their digital money in exchange for real currency to keep the whole circus alive, but we seem to be powerless to change it. To make the change that we want, we need the catalyst of something bigger to help us, but praying doesn’t seem appropriate in a world that we are determined to make godless.

For the elite that arrogantly rule us, fundamental change is undesirable because they want their future based very much on the same Status Quo that has served them so faithfully. They dismiss our hope for real change as a futile diversion for minions, but they offer potential collaborators the prize of memberships into their exclusive clubs, as long as those new members don’t tinker with their definitions of Exclusive.

Hope isn’t solid physical stuff that can be exchanged for virtual money but it is still real. It could be the belief that we add to it that empowers it to write the next pages of history. There are people amongst us who claim to focus it like a prayer, so that like minded congregations can make things happen by the sheer power of all those accumulated wills.

Above those fervently faithful are a select few who can transform prayer into conviction with their absolute faith in the outcome. Their 'Made to Order' futures just have to be guaranteed and therefore already on the way from wherever such things lie waiting to be packaged and then sent on to us ‘First Class’.

Lately, we count amongst us those who are born or reborn with the curse or the blessing of a more complete insight. Unlike us, these latest children haven't been totally pre-conditioned by what is purely physical. They can see the bigger possibilities of a much wider reality, even if they don't understand it all at first and even if we call them ‘afflicted’.

All children are curious by nature however, and they are continually drawn further into new worlds which remain just a mystery to us. To the children of tomorrow, their new world is as vast as the sea but they are also just children. They are drawn to what is new, especially to waves and water where they could drown. Thankfully, evolution seems to have anticipated the requirement of lifeguards who we see as just similarly afflicted. 

Just as evolution nudged us out of our primeval birthplace in warm shallow seas to then conquer the land, our latest generation claims to journey journey out, or is that in, to where all possibilities exist.

So while we hope, pray and then wait for deliverance from our oppressive demons, these younger versions of us want to jump to the head of the queue and grab their own vision of the future. All they need to do then is to somehow get it back into this reality, where it will happen for them whether we like it or not.

When you take time to think about it, 'Total Possibility' is a very practical concept. It’s the same tool we use to 'think outside the box' when we need novel solutions, revelations if you like. For example, with no limit to what may be, it's inconceivable that we are all there is in this vast and almost infinite universe.

We are either all alone in its vastness, like a microscopic colony on a single grain of sand on the smallest island of an otherwise totally sterile world, or we are not and there are others out there for sure. We've already discovered thousands of planets in our immediate proximity.

To understand how close these new worlds are to ours, think of them as the other grains of sand nestled up against ours and washed by the same waves on the same section of beach. The universe is that vast.

We like to assume that any of those 'Others' who live out there would be very unlike us, but in reality they would have to be like us also. They would also have needed hope to succeed. Maybe they also had to pray for their own version of tomorrow. It wouldn't be stretching our imaginations too far to think such 'People' might also have 'Children', and if ours understand the concept of Carpe Diem to make things happen for them here, then why not theirs out there.

Take a few seconds to think outside the box with me and try to appreciate that all futures must logically come from somewhere outside this physical universe, where we just find ourselves born. That’s simply because they don’t and can’t become physical until they come together or 'Coalesce' here inside it. It's only then that they become real to us, but they had to take some initial form somewhere else. Futures can't just appear, they must be made by someone or Something, somewhere. Call it Destiny.

Anyway, back to Earth while I finish my earlier point. There are some practical difficulties with our impending future, in that whatever version is about to arrive, it’s coming to all of us regardless and even if its terms and conditions favour only a few or just one of us. There is also the reality that it will come, even if we're not in it. Our specific future won’t start arriving next year, next month or next week but tomorrow, because the catalytic process was already begun some time ago.

I can say that with authority, because we've all affected our world in ways that we're not particularly proud of. Any and all damage puts a limit on further options for positive development. That cause and effect has to have an impact on the future which effectively narrows our previous options. It follows that not every possibility exists for us any more, though they certainly did during earlier and more innocent times.

Maybe we’ve already tipped the scales against ourselves and it's not just the global warming issue, at least, not only that. There's also the endemic global greed and corruption that now reaches into every aspect of our lives. Pathogens don’t need to be physical to be lethal.

So many ingredients for catalysis are already in play that it will take something really small to fully whip up our catalytic cocktail. Just one more catalyst will make that alternate future arrive at any moment. It could be a stubborn or repetitive recession, another regional financial blip or maybe a localised but virulent pestilence, like another contagious SARS outbreak.

We’ve been living so close to the edge for so long that we’re blasé about some distant rendezvous with Destiny, so let's put it in relative terms. When we talk about the future arriving tomorrow, think of it like a child counting down to Christmas, School Recess or a long anticipated Birthday Party, and suddenly there really is just one sleep left.

That's when everything changes for everybody forever, and maybe a future of any kind would be worth having then. Of course, everybody means, everyone … every single one of us … from wherever we may have come.

Catalysis is here. We just won't begin to see the full picture until maybe next Tuesday or Wednesday, but it's a scientific fact that once it has begun, Catalysis must be expected to finish.

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Catalysis - Book 1 of The Catalysis Trilogy

Published Sept 2015   ISBN - 978-0-9926814-1-8

Tomorrow’s children are already arriving, but they don’t seem to like us much.